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As part of the Leading Uncovered project,  we ran a few sessions that you can listen to below. Some that will help nudge you to think about things differently and some that will give you practical advice on how to develop you and what you’re doing.


In Conversation with Jules Wright by The Original Ranch

As part of – Walking the Wire event
Jules Wright a figurehead in Britain’s creative and cultural economies. After studying education psychology in Australia, she came to the UK becoming one of the leading theatre directors of her generation. She then turned a semi derelict hydraulic power station into The Wapping Project; a restaurant and gallery, commissioning and curating contemporary artists and followed by The Wapping Project Bankside, a film & photographic gallery.


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Useful links for female freelancers

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A Guide to Wearing Multiple Hats by The Original Ranch

Olivia Bellas is a multi-skilled arts professional with fifteen years experience in and a broad knowledge of the creative industries; film festivals, theatre, digital. Her interest lies in audience engagement and organisational development at The Original Ranch. She develops her own creative practice through arts collective, ScreenDeep.

Making Work Work For You by The Original Ranch

As part of – Walking the Wire event
Tamsyn Dent A PhD researcher looking at the widening gender gap in the UK film and TV industries. This research has been commissioned by Skillset the Sector Skills (SSC) for the UK Creative Media Industries and is being carried out at the Centre of Excellence in Meida Practice (CEMP) at Bournemouth University

Mentorship – Women in Discussion by The Original Ranch

Charlotte Fischer is a former TV news reporter and health correspondent at ITV and ITN and is currently freelancing as a development producer at Mentorn Media
Sian Harries is a comedy writer who writes gags for TV and Radio and was the winner of the BBC Radio One Best Comedy Drama Sketch 2006
Uli Hesse has produced and directed for 15 years: Documentaries, current affairs and specialist factual programmes on medical science, history and arts –
Fatima Najm: Journalist, filmmaker and founder of Creatives against Poverty: film making workshops, mentoring programmes and voluntourism projects in Congo, India, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
Cindy Pace Depasquale – Based in London, England, Cindy Pace Depasquale an award winning writer/producer/director from Los Angeles –

Mindset for starting out in business by The Original Ranch
Wendy Breakell is director of Break into Business which supports universities, colleges and schools to deliver first class vocational education within the creative industries. She has an extensive career working particularly in music


The Power of the Follower by The Original Ranch

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Lessons from High Achievers by The Original Ranch

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Evaluation – Why you should by The Original Ranch

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