Politics Uncovered: An Introduction to UK Parliament, Government and Democracy for Women

Event and short film – where Art meets Politics at the Women’s Library.  Research, community engagement, event management, filmmaking, campaigning to deliver a civics initiative.

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Client: Alpha-ville
Contract: Make Music Workshop
Female music producers are a rare breed so generating interest at an early stage is crucial to change this landscape and create alternative female role models. The Original Ranch recruited for and project managed a learning session for 14-19 year old girls from Tower Hamlets. Delivered for Alpha-ville and working with the Osmani Trust and electronic composer Jo Thomas, the focus was to learn Ableton software and create their own music from scratch.

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Client: Port of London Authority
Contract: Listen: A Soundtrack of Shared Memories
The cinema experience is usually about watching, but this project encouraged listening as well as the recording of memories exchanged together. An inter-generational workshop where ex-Port of London Authority (PLA) workers and young east London creatives worked together to create a unique soundtrack to archive film material.  Sessions and final screening ran at the Museum of Docklands. In partnership with Big Bang Lab.

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2008, 2009
Client: Canary Wharf Group
Contract: Next Generation: Filmmaking for Young People
The process of making a film encourages team-working and self confidence amongst other valuable skills. This filmmaking workshop ran two years consecutively and was supported by the Canary Wharf Group. The programme included participation in a pitching session, a free opportunity to be involved for 16-25 year olds with the production of their own short film screened at a film festival and invaluable industry advice. In partnership with Chocolate Films.