Strategic/Organisational Review

Client: Young Actors Theatre (YATI)
Contract: Business Development/Fundraising
Since April of this year, The Original Ranch director Olivia Bellas, has created and implemented a strategy for the sustainable running of this theatre focused on provision for 6-24 yr olds. This has included the creation of fundraising toolkits, membership schemes, bid writing, staff development and more YATI initiatives.

Client: MyStreet
Contract:  Business Planning/Fundraising
With The Original Ranch already having supported the launch of this online film based initiative in 2011, this contract was focused on developing MyStreet’s future. Along with the initiative’s director and management committee, a business plan and fundraising database were created to ensure income generation for the next 3 years.

MyStreet 2012 Trailer
MyStreet 2011 Trailer


Client: Run Riot
Contract: Business Planning
Run -Riot is a comprehensive guide to London’s alternative scenes, including Art, Club, Dance, Film, Music, Theatre. Already 5 years old, it was in need of a shake up to review existing income streams, plan out new initiatives and develop the organisation internally.